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Poppy's co-founders, Yannis and Thanos


Welcome to Poppy's Artisan Bakery – where passion meets family!

At the heart of our bakery, you'll find a story that began with childhood friends, Yannis and Thanos, sharing dreams and delicious pastries in the cozy shops owned by Kostas and his beloved wife, Poppy. Their conversations often revolved around the idea of building a business in the UK, a dream that
took root in 2020 and grew stronger with each passing day.

What sets us apart isn't just our delectable treats; it's the bonds we share. Poppy's  thrives on the warmth of family, a sentiment we've cherished
since day one. Our founders' close-knit relationships and the family-like
atmosphere they nurture are the secret ingredients behind our success.

So, step inside, dear friends, and become a part of our ever-growing family. Together, we'll savour the moments, one freshly baked memory at a time. Welcome to Poppy's Artisan Bakery, where every bite tells a tale of friendship, dreams, and the love we put into everything we create.


Poppy's co-founder, Yannis, posing with Marianna, one of our favourite regulars and an important contributor to our official launch event.
Poppy's co-founder, Thanos, hugging Mili and Eleni
Poppy's staff member, Eleni





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