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We are weaving community and delight into every bite!

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Bespoke Birthday Cake

We're your vibrant hub for delicious treats and meaningful connections! 

Our doors swing open for engaging local events and business networking groups, fostering a friendly space for collaboration and shared experiences. Come savor the warmth of community while enjoying the best coffee in town.

When hunger strikes, let us fuel your day with our catered delights!

From savoury platters to an extensive range of mouth-watering sweet treats, we offer pick-up and delivery options to satisfy any craving, turning any gathering into a feast you and your guests will remember.

Craving a one-of-a-kind cake to turn heads at your next celebration?

We whip up bespoke masterpieces for birthdays, weddings, and every special occasion, crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients and artistry that melts in your mouth. Our team can cater to any special dietary requirements.


A vibrant hub for delicious treats and meaningful connections!

Friendly People

Speciality Coffee

Tasteful Music

Buzzing Hive

Delicious Treats

Excellent Service

Our versatile space can accommodate a variety of events and our experienced team will ensure seamless execution every time. We offer the space free of charge for non-profit events, and have competitive rental packages for larger gatherings or those requiring additional services. Let's collaborate to make your event unforgettable! Contact us today for a personalised quote.

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Groups we are a member of and/or have previously hosted include:


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Grow your local buzz with affordable, tailored advertising packages!

Prime Location, Prime Audience

We're situated in the heart of Enfield's bustling high street, just steps from major shopping centers. 200 daily visitors, mostly local residents, walk through our doors each day – your ideal customers!

Invest in Local, Reap the Rewards

Partner with our trusted brand known for high-quality products and services to increase your own brand awareness, reach new customers, and build lasting relationships with the Enfield community. Attract the Greek-speaking community of North London with direct, targeted advertising.

Complete Solutions, Tailored Options

We can host photo/video ads on our digital display, offer flyer placement in our premises and our takeaway bags, and can facilitate business card distribution, and promotions in our networking groups. Whatever your budget, we have a multi-tier package to fit your needs, starting at just £10 per week!

Roya Serving Leek Pie


When hunger strikes, let us fuel your day with our catered delights! Ready to explore? Check out our brand new catering menu, meticulously crafted to tantalize every taste bud!

Good things come to those who wait. To avoid disappointment, kindly allow 48 hours for us to work our magic and ensure your order arrives fresh and fabulous!

Epic Feasts

Dive into a world of delightful finger foods, from classic club sandwiches to gourmet wraps bursting with fresh ingredients. Indulge in flaky croissants, buttery danishes, and traditional Greek pastries – each bite a celebration of flaky goodness. And just when you think it couldn't get any sweeter, brace yourself for a symphony of decadent desserts. Yuuuuum!

Any Occasion

From boardroom breakthroughs to birthday bashes, we can bring the delicious fuel to every kind of celebration. Whether you're planning a corporate gathering, a family reunion, or just a casual get-together, we've got your palate covered! We satisfy any craving and turn any gathering into a feast you and your guests will remember. Vegetarian and vegan options are available too!

Bespoke Services

Need a bespoke feast for your next event? We'll whip up a menu that leaves your guests raving. Looking for seamless delivery to your venue and a showstopping spread? Our crew arrives like culinary ninjas, transforming your space into a foodie paradise. For the most magical experience, let us know ahead of time! We'll tailor everything to your wishes, ensuring an unforgettable event.

Bespoke Birthday Cake


Craving a one-of-a-kind cake to turn heads at your next celebration?


Spark A Flame

Share your inspiration! Photos, sketches, flavour ideas – anything that can ignite the creative spark. (Think Pinterest boards bursting with cake inspiration!)


Flavour Fusion

Discuss your preferences, dietary restrictions, and desired textures. Will it be a citrusy burst of lemon, a creamy vanilla explosion or a rich, decadent chocolate symphony?


Size & Scope

Determine the number of guests, cake tiers, and overall presentation. Is it a single-tier masterpiece for an intimate gathering or a towering spectacle for a grand celebration?


Colour Palette

Discuss preferred colours and decorative elements. Fondant swirls, delicate sugar flowers, or a cascade of fresh berries – the possibilities are truly endless!


Baking Up Brilliance

The baking begins! Each tier is meticulously crafted, baked to perfection, and cooled with precision. This will be the base for the artistic masterpiece to come!


The Grand Reveal

Your bespoke cake is ready to take center stage at your special occasion. The moment of unveiling – a breathtaking culmination of creativity and craftsmanship!

Remember, the bespoke cake journey is a collaborative one. Be open to suggestions, trust our expertise, and most importantly, have fun with the process! The reward: a cake that's not just a dessert, but a unique and unforgettable centerpiece for your special occasion. Contact us today to discuss your order.

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